• Support over the bank holiday weekend

    30 December 2022

    If you or someone you know is struggling and need someone to talk to over the bank holiday weekend, we’re here to help. From 31 December to 2 January, our phone lines will be open every day from 9am to 8pm.

  • Your festive hearts and stars in the community

    22 December 2022

    Thanks to everyone who took part in Festive Stars and Hearts events across the community.

  • Thanks for joining the Grenfell Heroes for festive fun

    22 December 2022

    We had a great time making festive stars and hearts for Grenfell with our Grenfell Heroes this week.

  • Tell us what makes you happy or how you keep well during winter

    22 December 2022

    Keeping our spirits up isn’t always easy when it’s dull and cold outside, on top of everything else going on. So we want you to tell us how you’re keeping well during the winter, so we can share all the helpful tips around to help one another.

  • Quick cold weather tips

    16 December 2022

    A short video on keeping well during the cold weather. For more information visit our dedicated page...