You can find helpful information here on our services and how to look after yourself if you’ve been affected by Grenfell. These leaflets are produced by the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service. If you are using our services and need a leaflet in another language please get in touch by emailing

You can download and read our leaflets below. They are grouped by type, for example, all Covid-19 related leaflets will be in the Covid-19 folder.


Title Description
Intro to Grenfell therapies Introduction to Grenfell therapies
Grenfell Winter Wellbeing leaflet Grenfell winter wellbeing leaflet 2020
Grenfell InquirySupport Poster Inquiry support poster Feb 2020
Grenfell Family and Couples Therapy Info for families
SERV GRN 2416 RoadmapToWellbeing A4 WEB Updated May 2022
Grenfell A5 Supporting-your-child leaflet
Amharic Grenfell FamilyTherapy Leaflet Families Amharic translation of Grenfell Family Therapy Leaflet
Arabic Grenfell FamilyTherapy Leaflet Families Arabic translation of Grenfell Family Therapy Leaflet
Spanish Grenfell FamilyTherapy Leaflet Families Spanish translation of Grenfell Family Therapy Leaflet