Publish date: 6 June 2019

These are the figures for the Grenfell Health & Wellbeing Service (emotional help, trauma, bereavement, for all ages).
• In total, the GHWS Outreach Team report 14,494 contacts
• Outreach also coordinate the care of 96 people who have very complex health needs (PTSD, traumatic bereavement).
• GHWS Outreach have attempted to contact 27,593 people in total, 13,099 did not respond (and why we need to keep repeating)
• Screening for trauma has been provided for 7,928 people. This includes by GHWS Outreach, GHWS Adults team, GHWS CYP team and GPs
• There are 1,618 adult referrals that have entered treatment and 546 have completed treatment.
• 918 children and young people have been referred into GHWS CYP services to date. Treatment has commenced for 398 children. 232 children have completed their treatment. 260 children have declined treatment.
NHS England has said that extra funding will be available over the next five years to provide additional services to support the recovery of the North Kensington community.

There is still a significant amount of trauma in North Kensington and we continue, and will continue, to offer a screening and treatment service for local residents and the bereaved. We accept referrals from health and social care professionals, and through community and voluntary organisations, and self-referrals.

Anyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by Grenfell can use our services (do not have to be referred.) Our aim is to ensure that there as many ways as possible for people to get help. We are also following up people who we have screened before to monitor their wellbeing.

A dedicated service has been established to provide an integrated physical and mental health service to Tower survivors, other people who were evacuated and bereaved families. However that does not mean we will neglect the wider population of North Kensington. We will continue to provide a wider service and we are particularly aware of the need to ensure that children receive the help and support they need.

Recovery will take time, as it always does where a whole community has been struck by a major incident.

Good mental health and general wellbeing is not simply a matter of identifying and treating mental health problems, these things can’t be achieved by the NHS acting alone.

People need decent housing, good education for their children, enough income to support their families and services in the community that can support a reasonable quality of life.

There is already close working between the NHS and other statutory and voluntary agencies, and with the local community.

Over the next five years we will deepen and strengthen these links to provide, as far as possible, the sort of comprehensive support the community will need.

The next phase:

  • Some people only coming forward now
  • Additional work done
    o Inquiry support
    o 999 calls (families listening to these calls)
    o Coronial support for reading the forensic reports (to their staff too)
  • Recently run Compassion Focussed Therapy. Great outcomes and feedback and participants willing to tell their story.
  • Recovery College ‘spoke’ being trialled to offer courses on e.g. Introduction to Recovery & Wellbeing, Developing Self-Compassion, Spirituality &Wellbeing, Developing Resilience.
  • Work with community organisations e.g.
    o Together for Grenfell
    o Hands of hope
  • Reaching the hard to reach.

Bringing in the voice of those who have used the service is important and we do now have a pool of people who can are helping to do so.

We have received feedback from 100 patients who have completed therapy with the Adults team.

The results

  1. How useful did you find therapy? Average of 4.78/5
  2. How satisfied were you with your therapist? Average of 4.93/5
  3. How satisfied were you with your contact with our reception staff? Average of 4.58/5
  4. Would you recommend GHWS to a friend or family member? 99% Yes , 1% No
  5. Can you write a few words to describe your experience of therapy with GHWS?

The service was more thorough than I anticipated. My experience of Grenfell was completely devastating and for a while I felt my life fell apart. This service has brought me back to my happiness of life. I have learnt to face and overcome my trauma. My therapist is amazing!”

“When I started therapy, I was really in a bad place and felt really bad. With the treatment I can be a better person, a better mother and wife to my family.”

“When I first started going for my counselling sessions I was very low, depressed and agitated but I felt so much better after the techniques taught to me by my therapist.”

“My therapist helped me so much. I did not understand what was happening to me until I came here. I was in a very difficult place and I am stronger now and more able to cope with things.”

“Very helpful having the service in the wake of Grenfell fire. Just talking through feelings experienced and ways forward has really helped. A service that understands community needs and willing to assist and listen. Thank you.”

“I really appreciated that the service has a more flexible approach than standard NHS counselling service as this was exactly what I needed.”

“The rooms and reception were well furnished and the art work and murals were calming and peaceful. The toilets were always clean and the availability of magazines and fresh water was good”

“I started off not knowing if I would be here tomorrow or not, not having trust in anyone, worried about how unsafe this world is. However my therapist helped to turn my life around”

“My therapist was brilliant & he helped me deal with my anxiety in such a professional way. He made me feel at ease & I was able to open up fully to him.”

“A quick response to self-referral and the process was very efficient and time was taken to ensure the right approach was taken. I never felt rushed and the end of treatment came naturally. It was good that we worked on plan together and that I can return should I have setback.”

“My experience was positive one, I actually felt like I was going mad prior to entering into therapy. However I was listened to and provided with very helpful techniques to make me begin to start feeling normal again.”

“I needed someone to talk to help with the guilt I was suffering with because I couldn't do anything about the fire. I found it was pretty normal to feel guilty and a lot of people go through the same experience.”

“GHWS offered me a space to come and heal. My therapist guided me through the whole process in gentle and skilful way. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

From CAMHS - “A family who I have been working since Grenfell fire brought me a card and box of chocolates as a goodbye in our last session. The card stated " Thank you so much for helping our family through the most difficult time. No words can express how much you've helped us and how much we appreciate you. Love (names of the 3 children I worked with and the two parents)”

Street Screening- St Charles Square, “Most of the residents who we spoke to yesterday complimented us for the work we are carrying out in the community. They were surprised that the Grenfell Outreach Team were screening residents for PTSD on the weekend and that we were available Monday to Sunday.”

Outreach: “Met lady while street screening with outreach team. She did not feel affected by Grenfell now but reported that she had lost her husband around a year ago. Talked for around 40 minutes with myself and fellow outreach worker about how she was coping. She was quite tearful but thanked us and gave us a hug before we left. Later sent signposting information by email and received the following reply: 'It was really special meeting you both today and I am touched that you spent time with me today. Thank you for the info should I feel the need and thank you so much again for contacting me. Enjoy your weekend.'