Publish date: 25 May 2023

We held a recruitment fair in West London on 23 May 2023, before gathering to discuss and relive the service’s ‘story so far’.

It was a chance for the local community to meet different teams from across CNWL including nurses, art therapists, occupational therapists and social workers, as well as several non-clinical professions such as administrators, ICT and human resources.

The aim was to allow people to learn more about the different roles available in the NHS and find out about our staff’s varied career pathways.

Grenfell recruitment open day.jpg

Attendees were then invited to browse a selection of breakout rooms, each focussing on a different area of the GHWS and each highlighting how the service has established itself as a crucial cog in the community over the past six years.

Among these was the virtual reality (VR) room. Here, attendees could take a moment to escape to a digital world of their choosing.

In practice, headsets are used as a mindfulness exercise for the service users, as well as being fun for children if a parent or guardian is being seen by a clinician.

Grenfell recruitment open day volunteer image.jpg

Another looked at the future of the GHWS. Messages on the walls highlighted the service’s key aims for the future and reiterated the importance of collaboration while delivering a high quality of care.

Emerging themes for the future include a focus on engaging with compassion, listening with an open mind, addressing health inequalities, and learning from the community, to name a few.

A range of other activities took place throughout the afternoon, designed to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Attendees were invited to take part in everything from chair yoga and grounding techniques to mindfulness exercises and compassionate focus therapy.

We had some fantastic feedback from members of the community who attended. You can see some of these below.

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