Publish date: 8 January 2019

The Grenfell Health & Wellbeing Service asks people to comment on the treatment they receive; 98.5% of responders recommend the treatment service.

Paper copies of the survey in English, Arabic and Farsi are distributed on reception at St Charles and The Curve; an electronic version is available too.

Other languages can be provided.

We had 116 responses about a patient’s first Assessment

Average scores (rating scale low to high, 0 to 5)

1. How satisfied were you with your entry into the Service? 4.3/5
2. How satisfied were you with the venue? 4.5/5
3. How helpful did you find your assessment process? 4.6/5
4. Did you feel involved in making decisions about your treatment? 94.5% Yes
5. How confident were you in your therapist’s skills and ability? 4.8/5

We had 66 responses at the End of Treatment

1. How useful did you find therapy? 4.8/5
2. How satisfied were you with your therapist’s skills? 4.9/5
3. How satisfied were your with your contact with our Reception Staff? 4.7/5
4. Would you recommend GHWS to a friend of a family member? 98.5% Yes

We also had 22 responses after attending a workshop
1. How useful did you find the group? 4.5/5

Dr Alastair Bailey, said, “This is one of the valuable ways we gather views on people’s experience of the service and the quality of therapy they receive. Of course not everyone wants to comment but all feedback helps other people know that the service is recommended by people who have used it and that can help them decide to contact us for help. It also helps staff know what patients think and that encourages best practice and also allows us address problems. Every piece of feedback is always useful.

“We also gather qualitative feedback about experiences and that this is used to develop services; some of this feedback is on the ‘you said we did’ section of the website.”