Publish date: 17 April 2020

The piece, penned by Sally Warren, is titled “Learning from Grenfell: how can services better work with the communities they serve?”

She met with members of Grenfell United, the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service, and CNWL NHS, to explore how the Grenfell community and NHS worked together after Grenfell, and lessons that public services can take away from it when COVID-19 pandemic ends.

The article says: “Natasha and Bellal are survivors of the Grenfell tragedy and members of Grenfell United, a group formed in the aftermath of the tragedy to support the community and campaign for change. Robyn is the Chief Operating Officer at Central North West London Foundation Trust who led the team in the community. And Fatima spans both worlds – as Bellal’s mother she is part of the community, and she is a mental health professional who returned to Central North West London Foundation Trust to support the community.

“What was striking when listening to them was the strength within the community to drive change and the willingness of leaders of services to listen to what was needed and work differently.

“At the heart of the dynamic of the group was a real sense of a human connection. This wasn't an ‘us and them’, a ‘professional does to the community’ dynamic. It was clear that they all brought strengths, they all listened to each other and they all acted to make things better for the community.”

You can read the full article here.