Publish date: 12 May 2022

29 year old Tanya, from Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington explores the theme of loneliness through one of her poems, written for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. 

Mr Lonely I am Fine

I heard your name when I was small and many times
 throughout my life. Problems arose, you appeared,
 took my hand our dance was nice.
Just the two of us on repeat, our song throughout my teenage years,
flirted with Mr happy sometimes even when no one cared.
Mr Bliss shared a kiss and Mr lonely you were mad,
till this day I must say it was good to see you sad.
Took to life with all its strife arrogance and all, floods
destroyed what was built, Mr lonely made a call.
Ms Emotions helped me through, built my soul and
mind, can I just say I’m stronger now.
Mr Lonely I am fine.

~ Tanya O

Follow us all week as we hear from our staff and service users on the theme of loneliness to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. There’s information including where to find support in this article.