Publish date: 8 July 2022

The NHS is here to support the Grenfell Community as the Inquiry continues, just as we supported you in partnership with Hestia during previous phases.

Module Eight may be particularly emotionally intense and distressing, as it covers presentations related to those who sadly lost their lives.  We would like again to extend our condolences to all who have been bereaved by the fire.

We understand that keeping up to date with the proceedings is important for many, but it is also crucial to look after our wellbeing and each other.

It is also important to remember that by taking care of ourselves, it means we are better able to take care of others too. 

How you might feel during the Inquiry

The Inquiry may bring up a mixture of emotions such as feelings of loss, sadness, anger, and people may reexperience symptoms of trauma like remembering what has happened. Everyone is different and may have a different response and experience.

Top tips for staying well during the Inquiry:

– Plan how and when you choose to watch the Inquiry video stream.  You may want to watch it with someone else for support, and avoid catching up with the proceedings at night as it may interfere with your sleep.

– Make a schedule. Keeping a routine can be a really useful way to stay active, and have control over your day. Make time for varied activities in your day, including time for activities that are enjoyable and calming, as well as productive.  Think about writing up a timetable to put on the wall, and write out what activities you will do throughout the day.

– Taking care of your physical health will impact positively on your emotional wellbeing. Make sure you and your family have healthy meals when possible, and avoid comfort eating; exercising when you can, even a short walk can help, and have a good sleep routine.

– Be mindful of how much time you spend following the news and social media. If you notice that you are becoming more upset by news about Grenfell and the Inquiry, consider whether it would be helpful to protect your emotional space and limit the time you spend talking about these topics. Consider allocating a slot in your day to check the news/watch the proceedings and not check again until the allocated time the next day.

– Reach out to the people who know and care for you.  Staying connected and being kind to yourself is important.

The NHS is here to help.

If you or someone you know needs to talk please call us on 020863 76279 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm).

Overnight please call the CNWL Urgent Advice Line on 0800 0234650