Publish date: 5 June 2024

As we approach the seventh anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, we want you to know that the NHS is here for you and your family. During the lead up to the anniversary and on the day itself it is not unusual for different people to have different emotional responses.  Furthermore, we are aware that recently there has been increased media coverage of events, nationally and globally, linked to Grenfell, and for some this may also have had an impact on their wellbeing. We are here to provide any emotional and wellbeing support that is needed.

As in previous years, we will be present at various venues across the community, and supporting community events on the day itself.  We will be wearing green shirts and our NHS lanyards.

Keep up to date with our plans on our website and social media.

Looking after our wellbeing

Anniversaries can bring up painful feelings and memories, which can be upsetting.  If you are feeling upset, you are not alone. Some people may notice feeling more grief, sadness, or  anger. Alternatively, some people may feel numb or exceptionally tired and some people may relive symptoms of trauma, like vividly remembering what has happened. Everyone is different and may have a different experience.  There is no right way to think or feel.

At times like this, it can be easy to forget that there are things that we can do to look after our wellbeing.

Our Roadmap to Wellbeing Services provides information on where you can find support in the community.

Our updated leaflet offers practical information on looking after yourself and your loved ones during the anniversary.

If you or a loved one needs emotional support during the Anniversary, please contact the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service by calling 020 8637 6279 everyday from 8am to 8pm. After 8pm and out of hours please call the CNWL Advice Support line on 0800 0234 650.