Publish date: 15 April 2020

Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service is continuing to support the Grenfell community, during these difficult times. See our leaflets here for tips on how to cope with self isolating.  

To get in touch with us call 020 8637 6279  or after 8pm and overnight call 0800 0234 650.

There is also support for people and communities not affected by Grenfell, but who may be struggling with stress, anxiety over the COVID-19 outbreak.

The national NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapy service is providing brief, focused interventions to people by telephone or video call, and the option of online treatments. This is in addition to continuing to support people with problems like insomnia, stress and depression.

People in Kensington & Chelsea needing support can look at our leaflet here.

If you live outside the area, you can get more information on how to get support, as well as tips here or by visiting

The service provides a range of talking therapies services for people registered with a GP in Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon, Kensington and Chelsea, or Westminster who need support with their mental health. You can download their leaflet here.