Publish date: 22 December 2022

Safa and Armani helping out.JPG
Safa and Armani, two of our young Service User Consultants helping out at the event 

We had a great time making festive stars and hearts for Grenfell with our Grenfell Heroes this week.


Thanks to everyone who came along and took part. If you couldn’t make it for some reason, you can still find out about joining Grenfell Heroes.

We have permission to publish these photos

Grenfell Heroes are children aged 8 to 11 from the community, who work with the NHS as service user consultants to improve our services.

All children from the community aged 8 to 11 are welcome to join, even if they have not used our services. Fun events will be held throughout the year, including virtual reality, games and art sessions, where we’ll ask the children to share their opinions, experiences and thoughts with us. If you’d like to find out more please email

We had lots of fun
Reem, one of psychologists took part