Publish date: 9 June 2022

Today we hear from Lucy Wood, our Deputy Community Collaboration Lead who has lived in the Grenfell community all her life.

She talks about changes she notices in herself leading up to the Grenfell anniversary and how having a routine helps her to cope.

In short, what works for her is 'gym, sleep and people.'

Lucy says:

“A couple weeks before the anniversary I notice I start getting much more tense in my body, a bit more irritable, snappy, more likely to argue with people. Also I can feel it in other people. I’m susceptible to other people’s energies so if other people are stressed about events, then I get more stressed so I take a few days off in the lead up. Interacting with people feels more stressful and I need more time on my own.

“I’m careful about who I meet with, and trying to fill it up positive things like going to meet friends for coffees, drinks but nothing too late because sleep does affect my mood and how irritable I can be. Definitely checking in with people and with me. We’ve got this extended system of how’s everything going and sometimes just sending a text where you don’t expect answer because sometimes that’s just stressful too. So thinking of you and not getting annoyed if they answer.

“I have a lot of baths. And I do also make sure I got to the gym a lot and I always go to the gym on the morning of the anniversary because that kinda sets me up and gives me that endorphins boost before quite an emotional day. And I know there are always people around who I can call during the day if I feel overwhelmed and I let them know that they can do that to me too. I know there’s going to be a lot happening around the anniversary so I start to check whether I will need massages, do I need to do a little group, do I need to think about self care more because it’s a different year and that’s my general rule: gym, sleep and people.”

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